What we do

We are steel award winners

Hydroponic Pipe or Trolley Supports

Often used in tomato and capsicum greenhouses.

Pipe / trolley supports are an integral part of a conveyer and heating system.

Two parallel tubes are used as conveyer rails to convey plants into the greenhouse and move ripe produce to the packhouse.

The pipes have hot or cold water flow to heat or cool house.

Warren Engineering pipe supports are robust, and galvanised for a long life.

Supports snap on pipe. Designed to contact and radiate heat into the greenhouse.

Hydroponic Pipe or Trolley Supports

Structural Steel

Customised beams, portals and columns for new and renovated buildings.

Auckland wide

Supplying the building construction industry for 15 years

Experienced competent fabricators and welders.

Safety certified

Documentation provided for council compliance

In house CAD services

Structural Steel

Custom Steel Fabrication

Highly experienced staff with extensive engineering knowledge. We specialise in contract work where delivery and customer service are important. We can fabricate to your design, or use our in house service.

We manufacture:

  • Railway componentry
  • Electrical transmission componentry 
  • Garden and wool bag frames.
Custom Steel Fabrication

Horticultural Engineering

New Zealand's leading manufacturer of fabricated metal products fro the Horticultural industry, including a range of highly successful specialised trailers and EasyStow horticultural products.

We manufacture:

  • Nursery greenhouse benches 
  • Propagation benches 
  • Potting benches
  • Nursery trailers
Horticultural Engineering